Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Day 26

Day 26  January 29, 2008


     Senior Tango is a big Broadway like show of singing, dancing and glitzy routines. We loved it.  There are many tango shows to choose from, all cost about the same.  We chose the one that sounded like a big production and it was.  From the opening number when an Indian rode in on a painted horse until the finale with the entire audience singing "Don't Cry for me Argentina," it was loud and sassy and fun.

     At first Dale was uneasy.  This would just be a show for tourists, not at all authentic.  But he was surprised to see the entire crowd, over 500 people, singing along with the songs in Spanish.  We found three other Americans, young people from NYC who work in Mergers and Acquisitions for a big bank who are trying to buy out a local financial services firm. They had a night off their "Due Diligence" work and wanted to see a show.  They had been here two weeks working around the clock.  The local Portenos told them this was the best show.  We were lucky to get tickets as the show sells out every night.

     The host was also the owner and he had a great voice.  He would get the crowd going and ask them to sing along and the place shook with their enthusiasm. It was very loud. But the dancers, oh, the dancers.  They were all beautiful, 10 couples in a variety of costumes, danced for two hours.  Slow and fast, acrobatic and sensual.  It was far better than Dancing with the Stars…and no commercials. Sadly, no cameras allowed.

     As the final number began, about 12:15 am, and the excellent orchestra broke into the strains of "Don't Cry for me Argentina" from Evita, the people had tears in their eyes.  They stood and applauded and cheered as the entire cast came on the revolving stage and a huge Argentinean flag fell from the ceiling.  As streamers and confetti drifted in the air, the love of the people for Eva Peron was again on display. She was their Princess Diana, a beautiful woman who died in the prime of life.  They love her and miss her as though she died yesterday. This is a passionate country.  Their music and love of life is inspiring.  We could not have chosen a better way to end the trip.

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Anonymous said...

What a great trip! I enjoyed reading your words and seeing your pictures, thanks for posting.
I guess I'll just have to add a few more places to my Travel List, particularly Buenos Aires!

Perhaps you'll do a travel diary like this for your next big adventure? I'd certainly read it!