Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mazatlan Adios

     In the morning of March 16, Gail will fly back to Wenatchee while Dale heads to the other side of the world: India.  We have had a memorable time in this sun filled spot.  We have been visiting Mexico for 23 years, (Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara, Cabo, Oaxaca, Mexico City, Acapulco, San Miguel de Allende, Queretaro and Guanajuato) and many of the best memories were here with our kids in Mazatlan.  This was our longest stay, 31 days. It never rained one time.  We did all the old things, recapturing sweet times.  But we also saw many new places, like the rehabilitated stone buildings surrounding Plaza Machado and the new condo towers all along the beach.  We hiked 4 miles in the sand to the Playa Bruja (Witch's Beach) and went shopping at a Sam's Club and a Mega that are nicer than any grocery store in Wenatchee.  All the exercise, swimming and hiking for hours every day, have been good.  We feel better physically than in many years.  And despite the old jokes about Montezuma's revenge, neither of us has been sick once in Mexico.  In fact, the only time we were sick since Christmas was the two weeks in February between South America and Mexico while back in Wenatchee.  We had to go home to catch a cold.

     Dale has written some book reviews, they are opinionated and so he does not want to post them on line now.  But if anyone wants to see how he really feels about the books he has been reading, send a request to and he might just send them to you. He spent a lot of time on line researching the real estate market in Mexico and the fruit opportunities here.  He also has learned a lot about India in preparation for that trip.  And we have been captivated by the political primary season and the abrupt resignation of Eliot Spitzer.  Hubris or humility, what a choice and what a lesson. 

     Gail has planned the next year of music at the church.  She has also been on line every day, communicating with choir members and musicians.  It is amazing how much work you can do on line these days.  It makes us want to rearrange our lives so we can spend the winters in the southern latitudes. Today for our last day we hiked all the way to Los Sabalos, on the beach. Then we watched a wedding from our balcony.   A  Mexican wedding and right now they are dancing on the beach to the live band.  Life goes on here.  We will fly away tomorrow.  But we will be back. Adios amigos hasta la vista.

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