Monday, January 25, 2016

Bucerias 2016

First peek of the beach on Jan 9th from our balcony. Just look at the blue ski and empty beach! 
We always have our first meal at Meson Bay next to our condo.
Fresh red snapper is 140 pesos or @ $7.50. It seems Mexico is on sale because our dollar is strong. Peso is 17.5 to the dollar at a local bank. The official rate is 18.5.

It is so good to be back in Bucerias on the beach with these gorgeous views from our condo balcony. We left snow at home and have had a perfect two weeks of sunshine and 80 - 82 degree weather sofar this visit. This past week Dale and I have been experiencing the "Our Lady of Peace Patron Festival" in Bucerias with the highlight "Blessing of the Fleet" event culminating this morning. People gather on the beach to watch the decorated boats (pangas) arrive in a cross formation from the neighboring fishing village La Cruz. The boats take turns and speed to the beach while a canon sounds and the crowds cheer. The participants then proceed to the church through the town square with fish, bread or fruit to receive a blessing. (Photo is taken from our condo balcony) Men from all over the region come to attend Mass and pray for a year of health and prosperity. The cathedral is beautifully decorated inside with hundreds of fresh flowers. On our morning walk today we saw local riders on horseback, painted Mayan Indian drummers and dancers wearing their traditional attire. Couples dance in the square. Later tonight young men will run around town dressed like a bull with fireworks on their back. (We always skip this part as it sounds a bit dangerousđŸ˜€) At 11 pm there is the fireworks display followed by live music into the wee hours of the evening. It is going to be a late and noisy night of Festivities. The canons and firecrackers are really, really loud.I may need a sleeping pill because all this fun is way past my bedtime! Ha ha ha. Our weather continues to be 80-82 degrees which is just the way we like it. We feel rested, content and extremely blessed to here. 

The fishing boats approach the town square.
Our Lady of Peace Church in Bucerias
The church is decorated with fresh flowers for the festival
People dance, sing and eat in town square.
Children playing in the fountain. 
A Mayan Indian dancer takes a break to take with her friends
Dancer on the beach
Girl in native attire
A father and daughter wave to a friend as they trot by gates to Cathedral
Gaucho near market stalls
Families hanging out in the churchyard
Musicians play in the streets
The day ends with the sounds of the surf, occasional church bells sounding, canons, firecrackers, roosters crowing and mariachi music playing in the distance. The town celebrates and prays for another year of prosperity. 
A few of Gail's favorite things:
Top of the list....mi esposo. Dale just got a haircut and a new hat. 
My favorite chair and view
Okay....I have two favorite chairs! Gotta love the infinity pool view.
Oh I forgot....this is my favorite balcony chair! 

My favorite door on Lazaro Cardenas Street
The local taxi stand located under the most beautiful bougainvillea blooms on main street
Antonia takes care of all our needs including iguana removal from our building.
Special dinner at Mark's Bar and Grill two blocks from our condo. Pictured: Filete de Huachinango con Nuez de Macadamia (Macadamia crusted Red Snapper on Ginger Spinach with Thai Curry Sauce)

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