Thursday, March 10, 2016

Bucerias and the Groff visit

Our Feb return to Bucerias. Mount St Helens peeks through the clouds
Sun sets behind the land rather than ocean horizen this time of year

Groffs arrive and check out the town square with Nana and Papa
A slumber party with Johnny and night time story with Papa
Slumber party night with Clara and a quick snack with Nana
Games and slumber party with Ilsa. Papa Dale wins a round of pick up sticks.

Andrew swims in Punta Arena pool
Alice and beach time
Clara models her new dress
Groffs take a ride with Andrew and Alice
 Preflight Family lunch

Time for Groffs to fly north 😢
Our friend from Oaxaca raises and shears the sheep, combs, cards and dyes the wool using crushed flowers, minerals and bug bodies for color. Then he weaves it on a loom and finally sells his rugs and wall hangings.
The owner and chef of Toscana Mia one of our favorite restaurants. Homemade pastas!
Dale waits for a table at Toscana Mia. 
Over 45 days of sunshine and now preparations for the rain and high surf that is predicted
And the rain did come with a fury!
Sun came back after a day of rain. All is well at "Our Lady of Peace" pictured here in the town square
Always hard to say goodby. Hasta luego Bucerias!