Thursday, March 14, 2013

Activities in Bucerias, Mexico

The best thing about the Bucerias beach is the activity changes daily. Today the waters are calm and we see both fishermen and paddle board riders from our patio. Yesterday the surf was up in the afternoon and we see the local teenagers surfing. But my favorite activity to watch is the kite sailing. Some of those guys do flips, spins and jump as high as a one story building. Finally, there are the horses. This is the beach for the riders and they are here all day long....back and forth along eight miles of uninterrupted sandy beach. There are always a few early morning joggers. I just sip my cup of starbucks coffee I brought from home and watch them huff away....ha! Dale and I do take a long daily beach stroll mid-morning which is fun.

There are mountain bikes for rent in town and you see bikers riding on the cobblestone streets but the beach sand is too soft for bike riders. Today I noticed there were ceramic and art classes offered at a local art gallery and daily cooking classes available for tourists as well. Finally, after a strenuous day at the beach, pamper yourself with a cold ice tea on the patio or visit one of the many spas in town!

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Poolside view

Our condo and beach  is behind a gate off to the left

View from our 3rd floor balcony.
Grass roof is the Meson Bay restaurant next door.

Kite sailing

Bikers stop for breakfast in town

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