Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bucerias March 2014

Leaving Wenatchee (pictured above) while humming the Beatles tune...."Here comes the Sun"
Enjoying our morning coffee on the Punta Arena balcony with this view while it is snowing at home.
The blooms outside our condo are spectacular!
Flowers in bloom everywhere you look!
Some of the doors and entrances of private homes off the main street are gorgeous!
The Main street of Bucerias is in full bloom in March

Steaks from the local Mega grocery store cooked on our Weber grill are hard to beat!
Dining in. Dale bought me roses from a little boy who was thrilled to sell his whole bunch all at once!
Sunsets never cease to amaze

A spectacular view from our beach
The Chicken Enchiladas at Los Pericos restaurant have a garnish that depicts the Mexican flag
Dinner on the sandy beach at Meson Bay Restaurant located next to our condo
We love the Pool at Punta Arena
The Sunday market at La Cruz Huaanacaxle with vendors that all set up around the marina
Sunday market has over 100 vendors
Fruits, veggies, local coffee, cheese, honey, tamales, crafts etc for sale. 
Fresh fish abound

Cooking class at "My Mexican Kitchen" in Bucerias. I am preparing Battered  Cauliflower

Dale comes at the end of class to join us for dinner and meets Chefs Travis and Edgar.
Fellow classmates from Iowa help prepare our meal.
Ta da........our menu:
Agua Fresca (fresh fruit water), salsa de Chipotle Frito (fried chipotle salsa), Chalupas Poblanas(mini chicken tostada),Mole de Olla (Beef Vegetable Chile Soup), Coliflor Capeada (Battered Cauliflower), Papas Cambray al Ajillo (Chile-Garlic Potatoes), Pollo en Pipan Verde (Chicken in Pumpkin Seed Sauce),Cazuela de Pina con Manzana, (Pineapple and Apple Compote), Cafe de Olla (Mexican Coffee)

Artisan Friday Street Market Dancers
Dancer sprinkles incense over the booth where I bought my glassware goblets.
Do not know what the incense blessing was all about but I do know these are the happy guys who sold me four beautiful handmade glass goblets for 400 pesos.
My local staples and spice shop.
Oysters and scallops sold fresh roadside. i am not brave enough to try ice! I still buy my fresh fish from a trusted fishmonger who uses tons of ice! 
Yum.......fresh coconut.

A day trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mismaloya and beyond.....
Church of our Lady of Guadalupe in down town Puerto Vallarta
The church is topped with an elaborate crown, "allegedly designed to resemble a tiara worn by one of Emperor Maximilian's mistresses"

Old Puerto Vallarta is busy, bustling and too crowded!

These arches on the Malecon replicate the original sculpture that was destroyed in a 2002 hurricane

El Malecon - Boardwalk

Mismaloya -  located south of Puerto Vallarta

Los Arcos - off shore rock formation near Puerto Vallarta
Sayulita, the seaside hippy town north of Bucerias...a mecca for surfers
Beach bums welcome here!
Chairs and umbrellas are for rent for the day, or bring your own!
Mexican families enjoying this seaside town (girl buried in sand on right...LOL)
Surfers await the perfect wave. 
This beach is well known for consistent 2 or 3 foot roller waves which is evidently perfect for the novice surfer.
The Cora and Huichol tribes display handmade crafts on the street
The tranquil town square
Rustic street taco stands

Colorful shops display wares
Window shopping
Should have bought one of these shirts
Gail buys Ilsa a birthday gift. Done shopping!

Time for one last swim
Gail hums "Good Day Sunshine" by the Beatles as she packs to go home. Time to fly north after 23 days of sunshine....always hard to do!

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