Saturday, February 14, 2015

Bucerias Jan & Feb 2015

Bucerias is a special place. In the past we have posted photos of the gorgeous beach, sunsets, streetscape, markets, handicrafts, grandchildren, blooms and mentioned favorite restaurants we like. This year we have enjoyed all that plus more. Yesterday Gail went sea kayaking for the first time. Today we spent the day on a gorgeous sailboat enjoying fine food and drink in the company of six others from our condo. We saw iguanas, whales, dolphins, a giant sea turtle and sea birds galore. The weather was perfect. What a memorable way to see Puerto Vallarta and experience Banderas Bay on Valentine's Day. There have been fun visits to "the Diva" our favorite hair and nail salon. Gail met up with her long lost SPU college roomate from Minnesota for lunch, visited the eyedoctor to get new glasses made, took a Mexican cooking class and has signed up for a "Splash of Glass" workshop next week to design, cut and fire glass designs in a kiln. It has been a wonderful winter vacation other than the devastating Superbowl loss to the Patriots by the Seahawks. Now that was a bad day, even in paradise!
Dale enjoys the new sculpture in the recently remodeled town square.

The twelves getting ready for Superbowl Sunday in a condo up the beach
Our gorgeous condo.
First time in a sea kayak. READY......

Back in the saddle again for a second try.
Success! Paddling out to sea after only one major dousing while launching the kayak in the surf.
Gail's successful return.
Happy Valentine wishes sent to family and friends. See the heart in the sand?
Valentine's Day Sail
Puerto Vallarta from our sail boat bordered by jungle covered mountains.
Mama and baby whale sighting in Banderas Bay from our boat
Dolphins were everywhere and came very close to our boat
Beautiful Heermann Seagulls
Iguanas on the dock
Our boat crew

Puerto Vallarta's malecon or boardwalk and the Cathedral of Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe. Church building is topped with a crown held in place by angels. 
Mellow Dale
Pattern for my "Splash of Glass" class
Cutting and then fusing glass pieces for my project

Gail's favorite spot by the pool
So hard to leave this view, but we will be back! 
Our last night at Hotel Costa Dorada located behind Karen's Place one of our favorite restaurants
View from Room 404

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