Friday, December 2, 2011

Fruit stalls in Palermo Soho

Day 5  December 2, 2011
  Today we walked for miles around Palermo Soho, visited fruit stalls to check the quality of the apples, pears and cherries.

The new crop of cherries from Mendoza has arrived.  Some of the crates looked like mixed quality, color not consistent, but the size was pretty good.  The price was 25 pesos for a kilo.  At the current exchange rate of $1 US = 4.27 pesos, that is nearly $3.00 per pound, an expensive treat. The Granny Smiths looked great and there was a lot of competition from tropical fruits. It is always interesting to see how fresh fruit is displayed in different countries.  Here the stalls are very clean and decorated with flowers, baskets and dried fruit and nuts.  

We found a crafts fair at Serrano Plaza and looked at all the merchandise.  We ate a few empanadas and then walked all the way to the Plaza Italia.  Fascinating neighborhood of upscale clothing designers and shops. Gail loved the clothes and the childrens toy stores.  The attitude is counterculture and anti-establishment, but the young people are all fast paced and fashionista a la NYC.  Palermo Soho, south America with an attitude.

  Later in the day we had to move to a different hotel, the Intersur Recoleta.  It is just two blocks from the Etoile, but we only reserved four days there and that hotel was fully booked and so we are now in a brand new hotel. If Gail had been in charge of planning we would have the entire trip scheduled, booked and prepaid.  I am a more spontaneous traveller and as long as she will let me,  we will move from hotel to hotel, town to town, as the spirit moves us. Keep you posted.    

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ann said...

Sounds exciting! Glad you guys are having some new experiences this time around.