Saturday, December 3, 2011

Japanese Garden

December 3, 2011
Buenos Aires has a Japanese Garden and it is lovely. It was created as a gift from the people of Japan and was expanded when the young crown prince and his wife came here for a visit.  We needed the quiet beauty of this place for we had just been crushed by the crowds of people at the bus terminal.  We walked from our hotel all the way to the Retiro Omnibus station to buy our bus tickets for the first stage of our journey across the continent.  The station is next to the train depot and the mass of humanity reminded us of Grand Central Station in New York.  It was hard to walk with so many people pushing and shoving but we finally found our bus ticket office and bought the tickets.  Then we went to the Japanese Garden for some rest and calm.  It is an oasis in a bustling metropolis.  A wonderful place of plants and trees, water, bridges, paths, sculptures and happy people. 

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