Saturday, May 26, 2012

Paris Museum Pass

We bought the four day Paris museum pass, it is like Disneyland for
grown ups, admission to over 60 museums and monuments. Yesterday we
visited the Musee D'Orsay for three hours, then walked back to St.
Germaine de Pres church. This morning we walked to the Louvre and
spent three hours with Winged Victory, La Jocanda and their closest
friends (along with thousands of other visitors) then walked through
the Tuileries gardens to the Orangerie and saw an exposition on
Debussy Musique and Art. They also had many wonderful paintings by
Renoir, Picasso, Manet, Henri Rousseau, Derain, Utrillo and Cezanne.
The Monet waterlillies were on exhibit, huge walls, ten or twelve
meters long each, showing the Lillie's from his home in the country.
Paris art cannot be topped. We plan to go to the Sainte Chapelle,
Notre Dame towers and crypt, and will probably have time to revisit
the Arc de Triomphe, the Pompideau and the Pantheon. So much to see,
so little time. It is about 75 degrees out, a bit warm for so much
walking, but we are having a ball. Hope you enjoy the photos, but you
should plan to come and visit yourself. Dale

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