Saturday, May 26, 2012

Room 604 at K & K Cayre Paris

Sometime serendipity is better than planning.  Gail is a great
planner.  Dale loves to go on vacation with a minimum of reservations
and a maximum of possibilities, flexibility and spontaneity.
Sometimes, looking back, a little more planning could have avoided a
trouble or two.  But it was pure serendipity that when we booked this
hotel, the place where we are celebrating Gail's Big birthday (I am
not saying in a blog just how Big) that the lottery of life gave us
room 604.The view from the room is of the Tour Eiffel and the dome of Les
Invalides (where France honors her war heroes and where Napoleon is
buried.). And even when relaxing in the bathtub you have  a view of
the tower.  At night, when the tour is illuminated and the moon is
flying by, it recreates the scene from the Moulin Rouge movie when the
pistol is flying out the window and hits the tower.  It is pure magic.
It is a perfect view.  Our photos will not do it justice, but believe
us, it is the most romantic view in the world.  If you are coming to
Paris, and if you are a planner, ask for Room 604.  If you are not a
planner, it is better to be lucky than good.  I feel lucky to have
been married to Gail for forty years and to have been given this room
to celebrate her birthday. Dale

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