Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jungle Tour

  When we were young going to Disneyland was our favorite vacation.  I recall taking the Jungle boat cruise in Anaheim in 1960 with Clyde and thinking it was the best place in the world.  It certainly was the happiest. We could hardly wait to take our own children to Disneyland in the early 1990's.  We are looking forward to taking our grandchildren there as soon as they are a little older.  But...  as we took the tram through the jungles of Panama the sounds, smells and sights of a real jungle contrasted with the pale version of our youth. This is not a slam on Disneyland, we still love it.  But this is real.
  The giant ant nests, bee hives, birds of all kinds, trees, vines, bugs, swamps, shreiking monkeys, slithering snakes, lizards and butterflies. They are right there, in your face, real and spectacular. There was an orchid nursery, a serpentarium, and an acquarium. We visited an ancient indian village, saw a woman weaving and climbed high into the trees. One of the best tours was of the Mariposas, a butterfly house where we were surrounded by the delicate creatures. Let us show you some pictures. 

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