Thursday, February 18, 2010

Musings from Gail

BUGS: My mom always tucked me in when I was a little girl and said, "Don't let the bed bugs bite". Well mom, last night they did bite. Dale had a restful slumber bite free. I am blaming this bug attack on the same scented lotion that the huge black flies enjoyed feasting on in Argentina. Panama is home to 216 types of reptiles, 940 bird species and more than 10,000 plant species. I am not sure how many insect species exist, but I know there must have been plenty in my room last night. None visible of course. (Admittedly, they were probably mosquitoes not bed bugs. Afterall, this is a five star resort!). LESSON LEARNED: No more BED BATH AND BEYOND products for me in the tropics.
SPANISH: I have limited Spanish skills. It is always easier for me to practice speaking with children. Today, as I was basking in the sun poolside, I opened my eyes and there was a small four or five year old child peering at me six inches from my face. "Oh good" I thought to myself, "I can practice my Spanish". He was charming and we exchanged the old are you, where do you live etc. Then he wanted to explore my new iPOD shuffle earpiece that I was using. So, I let him play with it and listen to my music for awhile. Then I took the earpiece away. He was not happy with me. Of course I could not understand his childish rapid fire Spanish and he could not understand my English explanation of why our play time had ended. So, the kid stood over my bathing suit cover up that was on the deck beside my lounge chaIr, screwed up his face and urinated all over my garment. LESSON LEARNED: Not all kids are as adorable as my grandchildren.
PIRATES: I love the movie and music from "Pirates of the Caribbean". We enjoyed a Pirate's Buffet here at our resort the other night with delicious tropical flavors. It was a feast for the eyes. Dale may like the jungle ride at Disneyland, but Pirates of the Caribbean is my personal favorite. But have you ever really thought about the way Hollywood has romanticized these guys? The English pirates Frances Drake and Henry Morgan were both active pirates in Panama were really wicked men. They pillaged and plundered. Henry Morgan's men even used the Jesuit priests as human shields during the seige of Panama City. LESSON LEARNED: Next time someone tries to tell me a pirate is cute, I will not believe them. I don't think bugs are cute either, especially today as I am covered with bites.
SPECIAL MOMENTS IN PANAMA: My first cup of Panamanian coffee each morning....yummm. The sounds of the jungle. A tropical fruit plate. My new iPOD is so tiny, yet can store over 1,000 songs. A swim and soak in the beautiful pool at Gamboa. To see and hear a spider monkey when on my morning walk with Dale. The time to enjoy the solitude and beauty of God's creation. LESSON LEARNED: Be Still and Know that He is God this 2010 Lenten season.

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