Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Saying Goodbye to family!

Planning a trip makes me happy.  In 2010, the New York Times quotes a study that measures the benefits of vacation. The study concludes that the act of “planning” the vacation brings people happiness . …“But we found people who are anticipating holiday trips show signs of increased happiness, and afterward there is hardly an effect.”  I do not agree with this finding! Dale and I have amassed a life time of memories associated with the trips we have experienced together.  We have picture books all over our home with photos from various places in Europe, Canada, Hawaii, Asia, Panama, Haiti, Chile, Argentina and many places in the United States.  Armchair travel is our favorite thing to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  Reading books, reminiscing and recognizing places we have been prolongs the joy of travel for us.  In recent years, we have blogged and posted pictures for family and friends. This has allowed us a permanent record of our favorite travel memories for posterity.  I also run a “multi-cultural kitchen” that brings me great joy. Word of warning: you never know what international dish you might be served at my table.  It is true that I hate to leave my ten precious grandchildren, but travel gives me stories to share. It enriches my life in a way that is immeasurable.  Yes, planning a trip makes me happy. I still have 1,000 places to see and do before I die. Argentina here I come!  Gail

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