Saturday, January 19, 2013

Love Affair

How do I love thee Mini iPad? Let me count the ways. I love the size and slim design that fits in my travel purse. I love all my cool apps that make travel planning so much easier: Tripadvisor, Kindle, Facebook, mail, John Piper Devotional, currency, maps, camera, USA Today newspaper and the list goes on and on. I even have the most recent Lonely Planet travel book downloaded on my Kindle app. My suitcase is lighter this trip. Last night we found a great pizza place nearby using Trip Advisor.  Our goal today was to get acquainted with our new neighborhood, walk a bit, read, relax and recharge our batteries. We were told our new apartment is located near Alto Palermo, an urban shopping mall only one mile from downtown. No problem exploring, I have my mini iPad GPS.

Yes, it was a relaxing day until our kitchen flooded. Actually, that event added a bit of fun to our day. We had to call "Miguel" who in turn called a plumber. When Miguel arrived to meet the plumber he obviously wanted to practice his English. We shared a glass of Malbec and heard about his student life in BA. He explained all about the local economy, how to get a better peso exchange for our dollar (black market) and gave us inside restaurant recommendations. All this activity kept us occupied until it was time for dinner at 10 pm. Usually we are the first to arrive for dinner in BA at 8 pm when most restaurants first open. This night, there were actually a few tables occupied when we got there. I don't think I will ever get used to the late dinner hour. A couple empanadas, a bowl of vegetable and pork stew called Locro, green salad mixta and aqua/water con gas served to us at a local place "El SanJuanino". Now it is time for bed even though it is only 7 pm on my body clock. Jet lag is never fun. Gail
Our kitchen before the flood
Leftover pizza for lunch in our apartment

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Sandy Parkhill said...

Gail, I feel exactly the same way about my Kindle Fire HD! It's loaded up with books, magazines, Words with Friends, all sorts of apps, FB, email, etc. And I especially love the size--the same as my old one, and with the magnetic cover to hibernate it when closed. I gave my old one to Dick with all his favorite authors loaded on it--figured that by the time we leave Maui he'll have really bonded with it! Sure did save a ton of book weight that we usually bring over in Dick's golf bag!