Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Favorites, Old and New

We are In a new neighborhood, Alto Palermo.  It is midway between Recoleta and Palermo.  We have visited a local mini grocery store several times to get water, milk and staples.  We went to the local laundry and the pizza place, a nice cafe, the Starbucks and the moneychanger. Yesterday we walked for an hour to a travel agency, Say Hueque, to book our flights to Iguazu Falls, Salta and Mendoza.  While the agent, Augustin, was making the arrangements for hotels, flights and a tour of the Cafeyate region, he suggested we have lunch at La Cabrera.  What a great idea.  We walked another ten blocks to get there and had a good appetite.  Trip Advisor rates this place number 23 out of 1325 restaurants in Buenos Aires.  It was at least that good. We have been here a week and it was our first beef.  Gail had Lomo (tenderloin), I ordered Bife de Chorizo (sirloin).  But I ended up eating all of mine and half of hers.  It was the finest beef we have ever eaten.  Great service from Armondo and a beautiful day to sit outside and enjoy all the steak sauces and interesting condiments they serve here.  The photos will not do it justice but if you look below your mouth may water.  You should come here and find out for yourself.

La Cabrera is our new favorite restaurant. Today we visited an old favorite, Ligure.  We had to go to the LAN airlines office to trade in our vouchers for free tickets from Mendoza to Santiago de Chile.  You may recall from an earlier blog,that we were bumped from our Business Class seats after arriving in Santiago on the 787.  The LAN office is far away from our apartment, near the Obelisk, so we took a cab and waited while the lady did the paperwork and issued us our "free" tickets that only cost $320 as we still had to pay the taxes.  No problem, our government works like that too.  Then we walked the other direction, and ended up at Ligure where we saw our same waiter (4 times in five years we have seen him. He recognized us warmly and when we left shook ours hands and said:  " Hasta la proxima.")  Yes, we will be back.

  We went to the National Museum of Bellas Artes and saw the wonderful collection:  Renoirs, Degas, Manet, Corot, Picassos, and great Spanish and Italian works from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.  After two hours, we were exhausted from so much culture and walked across the park for a cool drink at La Biela.  We sat in front of the allegedly 1000 year old rubber tree, again, and enjoyed the sunshine.  But today, we had another new favorite thing happen there.  Gail checked her email on her IPad mini and got a video from Annie of Daniel, Katherine, Johnny and Alice playing and saying "hi" to us so far away.  We are on the other side of the world, seeing old and new places and just a click away from the ones we love the most.  How perfect is that.  Dale

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