Saturday, January 26, 2013

Meat or fish?

The meat in Argentina is delicious. The portions are gargantuan! It did not take long for us to figure out that one beef tenderloin steak would feed both of us if accompanied by a salad and maybe an empanada as a starter. One night while in Buenos Aires the waiter brought us our sizzling tenderloin (lomo) steak on a wood plank and proceeded to cut it into two pieces with a spoon. Yes, grass fed beef is that tender. So while dining at the gorgeous Loi Suites in iguazu falls, I decided to take the waiter's advice and order "Pacu" the local river fish instead of beef. This particular fish variety lives  in the Amazon river and some are fished downstream in the Rio Iguacu but nowhere else in Argentina. It was delicious and such a nice change of pace from beef. Little did I know that this fish was related to the pirana. So glad I did not see a picture of this jungle critter before I ate it. This is one meal I will not soon forget! Gail
"Pacu" with it's human like teeth. They can weigh up to 55 pounds.

The presentation of "Pacu" served with saffron risotto at the Loi Suites restaurant at Iguazu Falls

The pear strudel with coconut and pineapple granita was a delicious way to end our meal!

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