Friday, January 29, 2010

The Casa Rosada

The President of Argentina, Cristina de Kirchner, lives in the Casa Rosada, the pink house. During our entire trip she has been feuding with the President of the Central Bank and with her own Vice President. She is very unpopular with the people we have talked to and on the way to the airport our driver told us a joke in Spanish that roughly translated is: " Do you know why Cristina cannot drive? She shifts the gears first and then pushes in the clutch." Then we checked the news on line and see that today she made international headlines, even the Seattle Times, for her story on how eating more pork can improve a man's sexual performance. Can you imagine, meat prices have increased here 40% since December and in the meat eating capital of the world, the President is encouraging her people to eat less red meat and more pork. Inflation, political instability and protesters in the street. What a great country. If you are interested read on.

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