Monday, January 25, 2010

Our City Tour

Yesterday we arrived at La Villa Angostura which I can only equate to Stehekin....remote, beautiful, on a glacier lake etc. After we arrived we decided to take a "city tour". I freshened up a bit and donned my rhinestone decorated platform flip flops, short jean skirt and generously applied lotion to my dry skin. We met our English speaking guide, hopped in the van and ended up taking a 'nature tour" around the area. This involved climbing on mountain trails to view the local 500 year old Arrayan tree (Myrtle tree) forests, hiking to a waterfall downhill (and of course back up again). We even saw a world class fly fishing spot on the shortest river in the world. Fishing is available by special government permit only. 
This all would have been fine and good, except the HUGE black flies in the forest feasted on my lotion covered skin and I could barely walk in my platform flip flops. At one point, as I was ascending the mountain to hike back to our van, I started sliding backwards downhill and was stopped by the young man behind me by my bum. He was mumbling excitedly something in Spanish and Dale was half way down the hill with the English guide helplessly standing by. It was embarassing but actually pretty funny! I ask you.....this was a city tour?  Next time I will forget fashion and wear my tennis shoes and apply bug spray.
Today we simply soaked up the views and enjoyed this gorgeous resort. The pool is lovely and we even have our own private deck overlooking the water. No complaints. This evening we took a taxi to town. We chose a restaurant that featured local specialties and feasted on boar and venison while listening to an excellent classical guitarist. We were the only Americans in the place but must have been wearing a neon sign because the young guitar musician kept playing Beatle tunes thinking it would please us. On our 2 1/2 mile walk home under the light of the moon, we couldn't resist stopping to sample the local chocolates which are well known in these parts. Evidently, it is an old Swiss family recipe. What a perfect end to another wonderful day full of sunshine, relaxation and fun.

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