Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Upside Down Down Under

Another judge overruled Judge Samiento and confusion reigns, who will be in charge of the Central Bank?  Who will control the $6.6 Billion in foreign exchange?  A huge windstorm roared through the country, 80 MPH winds, rain and hail overturned thousands of trees, roofs, cars and crops, killing at least 3 people and doing millions in damages.  What did it do to the apple and pear crops that are only a couple weeks from harvest? 
The headlines say a major earthquake 7.0 has destroyed Haiti.  The Venezualen strong man Hugo Chavez has devalued their currency and this will cost Argentina over $1.3 Billion in lost sales.  (I guess is it good we are not able to export apples into Venezuela now, Chavez policies blocked us and now we see he was not plannning to pay for his imports anyway.)  Argentina's peso keeps falling, now it is 3.83 to the USDollar.  When we were here two years ago it was 3.20.  This is one of the few countries whose currency has devalued against the USD.  I understand that some governments have even worse financial policies than ours.  Gail and I have walked, read the papers in Spanish, had coffee and empanadas at a sidewalk cafe and even had time to read some good books.  It is beautiful here, even if it seems the world is upside down.  Now, explain it to me again, why am I not upside down when I am down here.  The globe is round, we are in the southern half, we should be pointing with our feet towards N and our heads S and we should be upside down?  I just don't get it. 

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