Friday, January 29, 2010

City of Angels

It is our last morning in Argentina, we return to the City of Angels, the cemetary in Recoleta, to better understand the mystery of poor Rufina Cambaceres. Rufina was the 19 year old daughter of a very rich family when she died suddenly in 1902. After a few days the cemetary staff called the family to report the coffin had been disturbed and when they opened it to check the corpse was covered in scratches. The legend began to be told that Rufina was a ghost and she wanders the narrow lanes of the cemetary looking for her betrothed. They also say that her own mother was having an affair with Rufina's fiance and gave her daughter a potion to make her sleep. Sadly the potion was too strong and it killed the girl. The distraught fiance later killed himself outside the Cafe Tortoni. The family constucted a crypt complete with a statue of Rufina holding the door of her own crypt, trying to open it to escape her fate.
Like Lady Diana and Eva Peron, the world loves a story of a beautiful young girl coming into her prime. We yearn for Cinderella to win the Prince. We cheer when Princess Grace is crowned and cry when her sports car goes off the cliff and smashes on the winding road. Everyone fears the unhappy ending. We tremble to think that although blessed with youth, beauty and riches, all is dust. This cemetary gives us a "momento mori", a time to reflect on life and death. Life is good Life is too short. This trip to Argentina has been great. Seize each moment. And know that there is more to come for those who believe in Jesus Christ.

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