Saturday, January 16, 2010

Welcome to Buenos Aires

   We are staying at Loi Suites Arenales, just a block north of the majestic Plaza San Martin.  We are on the tenth floor with a nice view and when I opened the curtains a frightened bird flew out of a window box.  We found a birds nest and a fresh white egg in a soft leafy nest.   I took a quick picture of the egg and a few minutes later mom returned and sat on her egg, graciously allowing me to take her picture.
    We went to our favorite Ligure Restaurant on Juncal Street and then on a long walk up Florida Street all the way to the Casa Rosada (the Pink House is where the President of Argentina lives) and watched street performers, musicians, tango dancers.  At midnight we  had a small pizza from a vendor who loved talking "Spanglish" with us. 
     This morning we woke up to rain, the first on our trip.  We will go musuem hopping, there are lots to choose from. Tonight we are going to a big tango show.

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