Friday, January 17, 2014

Our second day at Iguazu Falls

This is a photo of  the speed boat we took around San Martin island and then under the falls. We got soaking wet but it was great fun! As you can see, it is quite a hike to get down to the boat launch and this photo was taken from the lower trail.
Dale has nicknamed me "Nana of the jungle". This photo was taken right before our boat went under the falls. The water was too high for boats to go to the San Martin island and back (Different boat). It was quite the adventure!

So much water!
The observation deck was closed on San Martin island because of too much water.
Twin falls along the lower trail
Nature in the park
Coati dancing on the rail

Don't tailgate me!
A gigantic strange cactus.
One of many jungle floral displays
We are told there are over 250 bird species in the area
Even the young coaties are fearless and you see them everywhere in the park
Mariposa (Butterfly) on Gail's hat

Dinner on the patio after a thrilling day at the park.

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