Sunday, January 26, 2014

Our day trip to San Antonio de Areco

Parroquia San Antonio de built in 1730
People praying 

Boys swimming in the park in this muddy water!
Mate and a date by the river
Fishing for perch. I decided to avoid having river fish for lunch
Estancia built in 1717
Gaucho museum
The museum is on the estancia of the famous Argentine writer Ricardo Guiraldes.  We are going to buy the book when we get home and read the famous novel, Don Segundo Sombra.  It is based on the true life stories of a real gaucho.
The gaucho museum has a fine collection of sculpture, art, furniture, horse tack and ropes, lassos, saddles, boots, belts, cinches, guns and knives used in ranching.

The gauchos had neither TV nor radio.  They spent evenings drinking, telling stories and gambling.  One of their games, the first pinball machine, was to toss a coin into the mouth of the frog.  It is hard to do.  
The Ombu trees can grow for 300 years and are good shade providers.  They were brought here by the early settlers as there were few native shade trees and every estancia needed shade in the hot summer.  Last week it was over 110 degrees, an all time high.

Our Parrilla restaurant by the river

An historic bar in a very important goucho town in the Pampas

Inside the bar, not much has changed since the 1930's. We had cafe cortado and watched the locals.

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