Sunday, January 26, 2014

Our return to Buenos Aires

We are happy with our suite at the Aspen Hotel in Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires. Pictured is our sitting area and small kitchen and king bedroom through the door. Cost to us in dollars.....$135 per night. sweeeet for the suite!
This two year hotel is not fancy but is more than adequate. The rooftop pool is a nice respite after a day in the city. We also love the neighborhood. It will be nice when they finish the storefront remodel.
Across the street from the Aspen hotel is our new favorite restaurant "Las pizarras Bistro"( Do not even try to try to come here without a reservation. We have dined here twice while in BA and saw them turn away many potential diners. Every table full both nights.
My Risotto de calabaza y langostinos  y ralladura de limon (Shrimp, pumpkin & prawn risotto) was memorable. Note to self: try to make at home!

Dale had calamari steaks that were delicious but especially loved his dessert: Cerezas son curd de limon merengue y helado de coco (cherries with lime curd, bits of crumbled meringue with coconut ice cream. )

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