Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Northern circuit part two: Purmamarca to Humahuaca through the Quebrada de Humahuaca

Leaving the hill of seven colors in Purmamarca to see the entire Quebrada.

Webster describes a quebrada as "a ravine that is normally dry but is filled by a torrent during a rain" but our driver today insists it is much grander and so much more. We is a 124 miles long network of valleys with multicolored slopes that rise up on both sides that seem endless! 
Humahuarca - a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Quebrada
Tilcara- a cute "hippy" town. It is the tourist hub of the Quebrada de Humahuaca
The street asado smelled sooo good, but we chose instead to seek out the restaurant with the fabulous empanadas our driver suggested we try for lunch in the quaint town of Tilcara.
In the outskirts of Tilcara an ancient fort or "Pucara" was discovered in 1909 by archeologists. This 40 acre village was occupied 1,000 BC (before Christ) until the 16th century. In other words.....these ancient inhabitants lived here in the Andes long before the Spaniards arrived. Gail checks out one of the rebuilt very small.
The views from the top of the ancient village were incredible. 
The Tilcara tribe settled here 900 years ago and lived in these windowless stone buildings.
Tropic of Capricorn
Growing corn in the Purmamarca
The landscape changes dramatically as you leave the Quebrada in Jujuy province and return to Salta province on route 9. Here we saw random groups of both cows and goats blocking the road. There were road signs warning drivers to "watch for cows!"
Back to Salta the beautiful for R & R. A city with 1.2 million inhabitants

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