Friday, January 24, 2014

Our return to Salta

Salta la Linda (the beautiful) Here is the statue of General Arenales, a hero of the revolution of 1816, in the central plaza 9 de Julio.

The basilica (cathedral) San Francisco in the main central plaza.
Dale enjoyed talking with the shoe shine boys.  He tipped them well and they were so happy. I got the first shoe shine in my life but who could say no to these hard working young men.

The San Bernardo convent, nearly 400 years old, is the oldest building in Salta.
A ride in the teleferico can be very hot in the afternoon but the views from the top of San Bernardo Hill overlooking Salta are wonderful.
Flamenco and gaucho dancers in the San Bernardo park.
Salta is surrounded by lush mountains covered with forest. 
A sole and pasta lunch on calle (street) Balcarce near the main square.
The wonderful MAMM museum the home of the three children who were buried alive as an offering over 500 years ago and discovered in nearly perfect condition in 1999. 
The San Francisco church is being restored
Kkhala is our favorite hotel in Salta. The staff is so helpful and they speak English.

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